Testing Circus January 2016 is out. This edition includes few interesting articles. one of them is frequently asked questions about certification by Lee Hawkins, Paul Seaman and Rajesh Mathur. They have tried to demystify the controversies around ISTQB and other certification Exams. If you are beginner and just started software testing as your career, you should certainly read this article. Another useful tutorial published in this edition is Mohit Verma’s Selenium Tutorial. Many of us want to learn selenium tool but are overwhelmed by the details of its vastness. Mohit has tried to simplify the steps and have written a nice step by step guide. I think this is really helpful for ones who wish to start learning selenium automation tool. There is another article “Meetups: Meet, Share and Grow” by Ajay Balamurugadas. Ajay shares some tips around how to set professional goals for 2016 and improve your software testing skills, which all skills can help you get a job in software testing and how to keep yourself updated with latest happenings around software testing. There are other couple of articles and our regular features such as interviews with testers. Mark Tomlinson is featured in the cover page of the magazine. You can download the magazine here.