The mug shot – The younger me (2016)

Google Campus Visit – Mountain View, CA.

With my team at Doran Jones, NY.

Hello there,
I test “hello world”.

Over a decade in software testing, my job has transformed me from being a ‘blind executor’ of test steps written by senior testers to a ‘test consultant’ where I help business consultants write testable requirements. I help clients/developers fix bugs before the coding starts. My work is more of preventing bugs than finding bugs. I solve complex testing problems and make testing efficient for my team members.

My involvement with testing is beyond 9 am to 5 pm. If you are a tester and happen to be someone who keeps eyes, ears open about software testing, you might have already heard of “Testing Circus” – an online software testing magazine. Testing Circus is my brain child. Started in 2010, we have published 50 monthly editions of this magazine without a break till April 2016. Thousands of software testers read this magazine world wide. Currently I am working on a similar website which will publish testing related news and updates.

When I was in India, I used to teach testing on weekends. Some of my friends still teach software testing in India under my guidance at Talent Plus Plus (now closed after Covid). Teaching is a great way to learn. I have volunteered for Indian Testing Board ( and I was also a founder member of an initiative that started free testing conferences in India.

I have worked for a top Indian IT services company such as HCL Technologies Ltd, HCL America, Inc., and Doran Jones, Inc. I have over 18 years of experience in software testing, managed large testing team. Currently, I work for Liquidnet, Inc. New York city.

~ Ajoy Singha
@AjoySingha // @TestingCircus // @TestingNews

Let’s Work Together

I can help you with your Software Testing career.

Occasionally, I am available for one to one career counselling session for software testing professionals. Those who are struggling to advance their career as  testers, can benefit from such sessions. Contact me with your questions.