Hello there,
I test “hello world”.

Over a decade in #testing, my job has transformed me from being a ‘blind executor’ of test steps written by senior testers to a ‘test consultant’ where I help business consultants write testable requirements. I help clients/developers fix bugs before the code is being written. My work is more of preventing bugs rather than curing bugs. I solve complex testing problems and make testing efficient.

My involvement with #testing is beyond 9 am to 5 pm. If you are a tester and happen to be someone who keeps eyes, ears open about software testing, you might have already heard of “Testing Circus” – an online software testing magazine. Testing Circus is my brain child. Started in 2010, we have published 50 monthly editions of this magazine without a break. Thousands of software testers read this magazine world wide.

When I was in India, I used to teach testing on weekends. Some of my friends still teach software testing in India under my guidance. Teaching is a great way to learn. I was also a founder member of an initiative that started free testing conferences in India.

I have worked for a top Indian IT services company such as HCL Technologies Ltd and HCL America, Inc. Currently, I work for Doran Jones, Inc. New York city.

~ Ajoy Singha
@AjoySingha // @TestingCircus