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Testing Circus is a free to download monthly online Software Testing Magazine. The first edition of the Testing Circus was published in September, 2010 and continued publishing regular monthly editions till April 2016.

I started Testing Circus as an alternative to other conventional software testing magazines that were available at that point of time. Testing Circus was aimed at novice software testers who wanted to read and learn more about software testing and the stuffs happening around them. The idea was to create a magazine for software testers that would not endorse any kind of blocs in the software testing community but to help every software testers, novice and experts, take something out of this monthly magazine.

Take a look at Testing Circus Website and download and read all the articles published.

In 2008-2009, I realized there were no institutes which taught information technology courses from a practical point of view. Most of the trainers who were teaching in the commercial institutes were full time trainers, meaning they did not have a full time job in the IT companies. That also means they were missing on teaching practical experience.

I started Talent Plus Plus with the help of some of my friends who were working in multinational IT companies and we started teaching software testing, programming languages in Gurgaon on weekends. That is how Talent Plus Plus was started from my drawing room of my home.

Visit Talent Plus Plus website if you are looking for practical IT course in Gurgaon. Just a reminder, all our trainers are working professionals and we still don’t have decorated air-conditioned classrooms. Our focus is only on giving excellent knowledge and help graduates get their first job in IT.

I am working on another project similar to Testing Circus magazine to publish news, articles, and updates on software testing. Being launched at the end of September this year. Stay tuned.


Guess it from the name. We are going to provide brand building service for young professionals specially software testers, those who wants to stand out in the crowd.

Stay tuned.

Testing News website will be launched in next few weeks. If you want to participate in this new website by contributing your testing related news articles, please contact me.

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Occasionally, I am available for one to one career counselling session for software testing professionals. Those who are struggling to advance their career as  testers, can benefit from such sessions. Contact me with your questions.