Software Testing monthly Testing Circus February 2016 Edition is Published. This edition features Rosie Sherry on the cover page. In her interview Rosie shares her experience as a testing entrepreneur, her family’s un-schooling story and her advice for software testers. Some awesome stories in this edition – Download or Read online –

  • Project Balto – Some Key Lessons in Test Planning by Mike Talks
  • A Python Book for Kids – How it helped me as a tester by Jessica Ingrassellino
  • Panorama of Data Lake Testing by Venkat Ramesh Atigadda
  • Introduction to SmartWatch Testing by Daniel Knott
  • Interview with Rosie Sherry by Ajoy Singha
  • European Testing Conference 2016 – My Experiencee by Simon P Schrijve
  • #Testers2Follow @Twitter
  • Automation with Selenium – Locating Elements on Web Page by Mohit Verma
  • Maestro Concept in Test Reporting – Jari Laakso
  • A Fake Tester’s Diary – The Last Chapter

You can get the pdf version of the magazine from – Here.